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Stream Systems Technology Center

 Stream Systems Technology Center
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Stream Team Staff


John Potyondy Pic

John P. Potyondy, Program Manager

John Potyondy has been with the Stream Team since it began in 1992. John has extensive experience with National Forest Systems working at the Region, Forest, and District levels of the Forest Service.  Prior to his selection as Program Manager, he was the Hydrologist for the unit.

David M.  Merrit Pic

David M. Merritt, Riparian Plant Ecologist

Dr. Merritt joined the Stream Team in 2002. He is responsible for synthesizing information about the relationship between flow regimes, streambanks, and floodplain vegetation.

David is introduced in the July 2002 issue of STREAM NOTES
Projects, Research Interests, Curriculum Vitae

Daniel Cenderelli Pic

Daniel Cenderelli, Geomorphologist

Dr. Cenderelli joined the Stream team in 2004. He is responsible for a variety of issues pertaining to physical stream processes including channel maintenance, geomorphology, sediment transport, and restoration.

Dan is introduced in the October 2004 issue of STREAM NOTES



Stream Systems Technology Center GlyphStream Systems Technology Center
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