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Stream Systems Technology Center

NEW at the National Stream and Aquatic Ecology Center

Stream Systems Technology Center combined with Fish & Aquatic Ecology Unit in FY13 becoming the National Stream & Aquatic Ecology Center. We are working to create a new website for this "new" group.

Stream Notes   Read the October 2011 newsletter (PDF).

Assessing Water Needs of Riparian and Wetland Vegetation of the Western United States

  Image:  Cover photograph of GTR282.  Verdant stream with flowering plants.
Assessing the Vulnerability of Watersheds to Climate Change: Results of National Forest Watershed Vulnerability Pilot Assessments   WVA Report
Bankfull stage online videos Video guides to determining bankfull stage are now available online.


What Is the National Stream and Aquatic Ecology Center?

The focus of the National Stream and Aquatic Ecology Center is on developing tools and science applications for the more effective management and conservation of watersheds, streams, riparian ecosystems, fisheries and aquatic ecosystems on National Forests and Grasslands.

The Watershed, Fish, Wildlife, Air and Rare Plants (WFWARP) Program combined two of its Technical Units: the Stream Systems Technology Center and the Fish and Aquatic Ecology Unit. An executive Steering Committee and new Charter were developed to guide the integration of the units.

Featured Video

Bedload Traps in Coarse-Bedded Mountain Streams

Download this video (right-click save as) Windows Media format 3802K

Read the paper related to this video: Guidelines for using bedload traps in coarse-bedded mountain streams: Construction, installation, operation, and sample processing

Videos, CDs, and DVDs

East and West Bankfull DVD Link

EAST and WEST Bankfull videos are now available in one DVD.

Northeast Bankfull DVD Link

The 4-disc set of Northeast Bankfull CDs are now available.


FishXing Software Download Link

Software and learning systems for fish passage through culverts.


WinXSPRO Download Software Link

Version 3.0 is ready for download.

Pebble Count Analyzer

The Size-class Pebble Count and the Zig-zag Pebble Count Analyzer. Click here.

Stream Systems Technology Center GlyphStream Systems Technology Center + Fish & Aquatic Ecology Unit = National Stream & Aquatic Ecology Center
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