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Stream Systems
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A Framework for Analyzing the Hydrologic Condition of Watersheds

by Bruce McCammon, John Rector, and Karl Gebhardt

The Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service have developed a national framework for comprehensive interdisciplinary watershed analysis. Hydrologic condition analysis results in an understanding of the interrelationships among meteorological, surface and ground-water, and physical and biological factors that influence the flow, quality, and/or timing of water. The magnitude, direction, and rate of change are the expression of hydrologic condition. The determination of hydrologic condition should focus on the analysis of the factors that most directly influence changes in the specific watershed of interest. The guidance outlines a process for identifying the essential factors needed to describe hydrologic conditions with the flexibility to address site-specific characteristics.

The document can be viewed and downloaded from the STREAM Web Page
( Printed copies are available from the BLM's Printed Materials Distribution Section (303) 236-1975 or fax requests to (303) 236-0845.



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